Price $44.99

Control your garage with your phone
Share your garage with guests

High Security

We used encryption and built a bidirectional authentication system between your phone and garage door controller

Always feel safe and never worry about unauthorized access

Gesture Control (beta)

Knock to open garage (beta)

No need to open the app, simply knock the phone to open/close garage

Works even when phone is in the pocket

Product Features

  • No need to carry your garage car remote, your smartphone is your garage remote.
  • All family members with a smartphone can control the garage door.
  • With cloud support, you can manage the user list and check who opens or closes the garage door.
  • Extremely easy to install, no power cord or batteries required.
  • Affordable price compared to a new garage car remote.


Attach your garage door controller to your opener

Simply connect two wires to the opener, that’s it!
Red (Positive) wire to positive terminal as shown,
White (Negative) wire to negative terminal.

After successfully connecting, the blue LED will light up. If connected incorrectly, the blue LED will remain off

gLink Installation Instructions

Sensor Installation Instructions

Download Manual

Mobile app setup

Download the app DeviceLinked from AppStore and Google Play.

For the first person to activate the controller, go to the setting page of the app, turn Bluetooth on, keep your smartphone close to your controller, and click on “Add New Device”. App will sense the device and record it.

To add a second phone, download our app on the second phone, go the settings and press the “Scan QR code” option. Then, open the settings page on the previously activated phone and scan the QR code.

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